We offer a wide variety of IT accessories in store, from keyboards and mouse devices to universal notebook chargers. Internal and external hard drives and disk drives with a range of speeds and capacities are available, and we are very happy to offer such an extensive range of cables.

We have ethernet, USB and firewire cables, differing in speed and length, as well as VGA-DVI adapters and replacement power leads for PCs, laptops and monitors. We also have power and USB cables for very many mobile phone models, both OEM and compatible.

You will find a variety of sound equipment at Babylon IT Solutions, from small earphones and headsets – including many that are compatible with your iPods and iPhones – to standalone microphones, speakers and entire sound system solutions.

We don’t just sell printers, either. We have hundreds of OEM, compatible and refilled cartridges to offer, and between different papers, folders, and pens, we can fulfill your stationary needs, too.

This is just a selection of high quality accessories that we offer. To see the full amount, come and visit our store today!