Common Computing Problems

It’s a fact of life – some problems occur more than others. Yours may be more common than you think!

Virus Infection
It’s very easy to get infected on today’s web, with hackers finding new ways to compromise your system. The good news is that you can stop them with a good anti-virus like AVG. If it’s too late – and sometimes, it is – don’t worry! We can remove these viruses from your system without losing any of your important data. We will install AVG Free for you, and advise you on how to avoid the same problem.

Hard Disk Failure
Often spinning at speeds of 7,200 rpm, hard drives can slow down or stop working. If you think yours may be malfunctioning, the first thing we will do is run our clever diagnostic software. That way, you don’t end up paying over the odds for no reason. If it is the hard drive, we will call you and ask how you would like to proceed, and we will reinstall Windows and recover all of your data, should you choose that option.

Display Problems
If your screen is cracked, the display flickers when moving, it goes white, or it takes a while to display – don’t worry. All kind of things can go wrong with your screen, but most displays can be fixed, and all of them can be replaced.