Mobile Phones

We have a highly experienced mobile phone specialist at Babylon IT Solutions, and we offer a great deal of services and accessories in store.

We can unlock most mobile phones while you wait, including several iPhone and Blackberry models, and if you are looking for a second phone or replacement, we have dozens in store of all types, ages and sizes. We have new and used slide phones, flip phones, touch screens, smart phones and standard mobile phones from a variety of manufacturers, most of which we have already unlocked for you.

We will personally guide you through each phone you wish to look at, advising you on its merits and disadvantages as you try it out yourself.

We have all kinds of mobile phone accessories, from OEM and compatible USB and power cables, to batteries, storage solutions and stylish protective cases for many phone models.

We don’t just sell and unlock mobile phones, either. We provide a repair service that can deal with all of the problems that phones can have, from cracked screens and chipped cases to issues with the software and internal hardware itself.