Printers & Cartridges

At Babylon IT Solutions, we believe you get what you pay for with printers, no matter the manufacturer. We recognise the cost of buying cartridges can quickly outweigh the cost of the printer itself though, and that’s why we offer several solutions.

We stock Brother printers, from basic inkjets to A3 All-in-One’s, because we believe that they offer you the best price per page, and that’s why you’ll find a Brother behind our desk as well as on the display units.

OEM cartridges still cost money though, which is why we offer compatible cartridges at a lower price, from reputable brands such as Jet-Tec.

We’re most proud of our final option:

We will refill your cartridges – including laserjet – at a much reduced price. You can bring your own in for us to refill, or you can purchase from a selection that have already been refilled, at the same low price. We provide refilled cartridges for personal, corporate and educational use, and by bringing your cartridges in, you help us to do our bit for the environment.