Our Services

Most of the time, computers really are great, but when they’re not working properly or something has happened to them, they can cause a lot of heartache.

To minimise that heartache, we offer fast and reliable solutions to any problems that you may be having with your computer.

We can diagnose, repair, replace and upgrade any of the following components:

  • Memory, Processors and Motherboards
  • Laptop Screens and Keyboards
  • Power Supplies, Batteries, Jacks and Chargers
  • Internal and External Hard Drives
  • CD, DVD and Blu-Ray Drives
  • Fans, Heatsinks and Cases
  • Network, Video and Sound Cards

Replacing hardware is just a small portion of what we can do. Accidents can happen, so if for example your computer has suffered a spilt drink, we can sort that for you.

We can also reinstall your Operating System and install media and security software, because a lot of the time it isn’t the hardware causing the problems. Our experience means we can do this for OS X and Windows 98 alike.